CLEANair Furnace Rebate Program

The CLEANair Furnace Rebate Program is offered by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) and implemented by Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA).  This program provides an incentive to residents within the South Coast AQMD’s Jurisdiction who purchase and install a compliant furnace that meets the South Coast AQMD Rule 1111 Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emission limit. 

Rule 1111 reduces NOx emissions from Natural-Gas-Fired, Fan-Type Central Furnaces and applies to manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and installers of such furnaces. These furnaces are used for residential and commercial space heating.  Manufacturers are required to either ensure their furnaces meet the Rule 1111 NOx emission limit or pay a mitigation fee for each non-compliant furnace sold in the South Coast AQMD in lieu of meeting the emission limit. 

The rebate to consumers is $500 per unit for the first 6,000 compliant furnaces that are purchased and installed, and $300 for the remaining compliant condensing furnaces and $200 for the remaining compliant non-condensing, weatherized, and mobile home furnaces.  The qualified furnace model sheet Link to external website. indicates the furnace type for each model as a condensing, non-condensing, weatherized, or mobile home furnace.

The CLEANair Furnace Rebate Program is expected not only to help offset costs for consumers, but also motivate commercialization of compliant furnaces, and thus help clean the air we breathe. 

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